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The Decline and Dispersal of the Huron-Wyandot in the mid 17th century

The Huron-Wyandot are a particularly fascinating group in Eastern Canada. They were successful farmers, traders, and trappers. However, Eastern Canada in the mid-17th century witnessed the decline and dispersal of this Indian group. The 17th century was a complex time … Continue reading

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European Hegemony: a progressive disease that promoted discrimination towards Natives

             Racism towards Natives is a concept of which was constructed by Europeans. European hegemony plays an important role in creating this discrimination on the basis of ethnic background. The concept of hegemony helps explain how Europeans were able to … Continue reading

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A North Eastern Mission Comparison

               In the early colonial period of North America several religious organizations or divisions, based in Europe, came to the new world in search of religious freedom and a new crop of religious converts. Of the many religions that … Continue reading

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